Statutory Audits

  • Statutory Audits
  • Special Audits and Reports
  • Internal Control Review and Internal Audit


Taxation Services

  • acting as clients' tax representatives, preparation and filing of tax returns
  • tax planning and advice on tax matters for companies and individuals to minimise their tax liabilities legally
  • assistance in handling IRD enquiries, tax field audits, tax investigation and appeals
  • preparation and filing of various tax returns including employer's returns on employees remuneration, tax returns for individuals, property tax returns and personal assessment returns

Accounting & Business Services

  • maintenance of accounting books and records
  • preparation of periodic and annual accounts
  • handling of commercial papers, e.g. banking and shipping documents
  • payroll and MPF outsourcing

Company Secretarial Services

  • assistance in setting up new companies
  • maintenance of statutory records
  • arranging and attending meetings of directors and shareholders and preparation of minutes
  • filing of statutory documents, e.g. annual returns, etc.
  • arrangement of nominees services
  • provision of registered office
  • deregistration and members' voluntary winding up
  • trust setup and administration

Litigation Support & Forensic Accounting

  • gathering and analysis of financial and accounting information for litigation purposes
  • provision of expert witnesses
Mergers & Acquisition
  • for merger, acquisition, expansion and increase competition and have bigger market share
  • selling or transfer of business for retirement or due to change in market environment
Finanical & Management Consultancy Services
  • installation of management information systems
  • installation of financial management and control systems
  • search and recruitment of staff
  • business planning and budgeting
  • value-added study on business operation efficiency
  • other financial advice to management

Corporate Insolvency Services

  • advice on liquidation and insolvency matters
  • advice to lenders and trade creditors on debt recovery
  • assistance to rescue the companies in financial crisis
  • business or debt reorganisation
  • receivership, creditors' voluntary and complusory liquidations
  • monitoring of the financial performance of troubled companies
  • preparation of statement of affairs

Mainland China Services

  • advice on company setup in the Mainland China
  • advice on Mainland China tax, accounting and legal compliance
  • advice on various business feasibility in the Mainland China

Business Valuation

  • for merger and acquisition purposes
  • for estate planning and protection purposes

Pre-Listing Preview

  • Pre-listing (Main Board & GEM) preparation and arrangement
  • Reorganization analysis prior to listing
  • Business revalution before listing
  • Consultancy services pre and after listing


Formation of Companies in Mainland China

  • Our company has affiliates in many parts of China, thus assisting our clients in setting up of limited companies in China, provision of a representative office, etc.

Business Centre Services

  • provision of registered office address, collection and re-direction of incoming mail and faxes
  • designated phone number, professional trained secretaries to answer telephone calls, taking messages and re-directing telephone calls as required
  • provision of spacious conference room
  • renting of temporary office

Property Leasing

  • rental collection and transfer of fund
  • rental disputes and litigation
  • handling the signing of tenancy agreement to the Landlord's best interest
  • handling payment of rates, Government rent and property tax
  • recovery of unpaid rental
  • letting of properties
  • repairs and maintenance
  • provision of concise monthly statement
  • bank in rental received, enforce terms in the Tenancy Agreement


China Credit Information Service

  • We provide the services for the credit rating and the performance analysis (including financial and non financial) of the enterprise in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
Assets Valuation Consultancy in Mainland China
  • Evaluation of entire assets of enterprises;
  • Evaluation of single item assets, including real estate, machinery, equipment, current assets and intangible assets.


Overseas Companies Incorporation

  • Incorporation of companies under different jurisdictions, e.g. BVI, Mauritius, Somoa, etc

Overseas Migration

  • Provides migration service to Canada, Australia and HKAR

Tax Planning prior to Migration
  • We provide tax planning service prior to migration in order to minimize their tax liabilities legally

Family Trust

  • A trust may be utilized to reduce tax liabilities. We can help clients to set up different types of trust and provide advisory on the statutory requirements on the trust

Conference Rooms Rental Service

  • Our company provides conference rooms in different size with sophisticated meeting facilities. The venue provides an excellent location for Annual General Meeting/ conference of all corporate groups and NGOs.


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