Tax Disputes and Resolutions

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Patrick Wong C.P.A. Limited


Tax Disputes and Resolutions

Recently, the IRD has aggressively tackled tax evasion and prosecuted taxpayers.


We are tax specialist and our managing director, Mr. Patrick Wong, is experienced in handling tax disputes and resolutions for clients.


Equipped with over 40 years solid extensive experience in providing tax controversy and advisory services, we have successfully assisted our clients in resolving their tax issued in an efficiency way. Our clients include multi-national and listed corporations and sole proprietorships of various industries, e.g. retails, sourcing, trading, import/export, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, real estate, property development and construction, funds and asset management, etc.



Field Audit and Investigation (Tax Audit)

Our specialists, including ex-IRD officer and Big-four firms, have over 40 years of relevant hands-on experience in handling tax audit cases and well-versed with the practice and procedures of the Inland Revenue Department (“IRD”).


Our specialists can assist you in achieving the appropriate settlement basis while minimizing the disruption to the clients’ your day-to-day operations. We have been successfully assisting our clients in resolving prolonged tax disputes and tax audit cases with the IRD in the past decades.


Tax Controversy and Advisory Services

We also provide wide-range of tax controversy and advisory services:


l  Response to various types of lengthy and complicated enquiries raised by the IRD

l Offshore claim

l Capital gain claim on landed properties

l Expense deduction claim

l Related party transactions

l  Apply for certificate of resident status from the IRD























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